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Traveling Tooth Tips

On The Road Checklist for Dental Health Wallet? Check. Underwear? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Oral Hygiene Health Plan? Um.. When planning for a trip, you take extra steps to make sure you have the important items you need. Your health routine shouldn’t be overlooked. It may come second nature to you, but while you’re making the…
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The Not-So-Obvious Things We Should All Know About Brushing Our Teeth

We have all heard the same (obvious) tips repeated back to us over the years: floss everyday, don’t neglect your tongue, don’t go to bed before brushing your teeth. These will maintain a good healthy mouth, but what if you’re wanting to take your smile up a notch? Here are some not so obvious game…
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Mt Marathon Champion and record holder David Norris running in the Chugach mountains in the fog above Anchorage Alaska

How I Get Ready For Mountain Running Season – by David Norris

by David Norris Believe it or not, spring is my favorite time of year to train. Despite coming off a long and fatiguing ski racing season, I am always excited to get back to springtime in Alaska. The weather is generally pretty amazing at this time of year- lots of bluebird days that make for…
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Spring Is Here (We Think)!!

It is always such a joyous time of year here in Alaska, when the icy, dark grips of winter finally release their clutches for good. We are all probably a little relieved to see the sun come out with true warmth after the back and forth tease we had with a second and maybe even…
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Anchorage Dentist Discusses Oral Care During Pregnancy

Preserving your dental health is a lifelong process, and especially important while you are pregnant. Pregnancy increases hormone activity in the body, which makes you more susceptible to gum sensitivity, gingivitis, cavities, and gum disease. The dentists at The Libby Group in Anchorage, advise women to schedule an appointment during their first trimester. Many don’t realize how vital…
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Kids Dental Care: 3 Summer Tips From an Anchorage Dentist

Summer is the perfect time for cold treats and outdoor activities, but it can also be a season when dental problems arise. To protect your child’s teeth this summer, The Libby Group recommends taking a few simple dental care steps. Below, the Anchorage dentists share three tips to keep kids’ teeth healthy while they have fun in the sun.…
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A Dentist’s Guide to the Best Teeth Cleaning Tools

If you are unsure about which teeth cleaning tools are best for your needs, speak with an experienced dentist about the available options. The professionals at The Libby Group in Anchorage, explain that there are various electric and traditional toothbrushes and floss to support a range of oral hygiene goals. A customized consultation will give you the best…
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Anchorage Dentist Helps You Eliminate Sugary Drinks & Protect Your Child’s Teeth

There are a lot of variables that can affect oral health. If your children brush and floss regularly but still develop cavities, you may want to consider altering their diet. Below, an Anchorage dentist from The Libby Group in Alaska shares a few simple changes you can make at home to ensure the health of your family’s teeth, tongue, and gums. 1.…
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3 Wisdom Teeth Removal Preparation Tips From Anchorage’s Best Dentist

Wisdom teeth removal can be a stressful undertaking. That’s where a trusted and experienced dental practice like The Libby Group comes in. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, The Libby Group specializes in wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and teeth whitening. If you’re getting ready for wisdom teeth removal, here are three preparation tips from the dentist at The…
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3 Common Foods That Stain Teeth

Despite routine teeth cleanings and daily brushing, there are some foods that can be more stubborn to remove, leading to staining and discoloration. For this reason, be mindful of what you eat and drink, and always brush after indulging in an excess amount of staining foods and beverages. Below is information on three kinds of foods that stain…
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