Anchorage Dentist Discusses Oral Care During Pregnancy

Anchorage Dentist Discusses Oral Care During Pregnancy

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Preserving your dental health is a lifelong process, and especially important while you are pregnant. Pregnancy increases hormone activity in the body, which makes you more susceptible to gum sensitivity, gingivitis, cavities, and gum disease. The dentists at The Libby Group in Anchorage, advise women to schedule an appointment during their first trimester. Many don’t realize how vital it is to maintain their oral health at this time as poor dental care during pregnancy increases your risk of intrauterine growth restriction, premature delivery, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

Tell Your Dentist You Are Pregnant

Keep your regular teeth cleaning appointment or make a new one if the next visit is not for another six months or more to control problems like tartar. Tell the dentist about the pregnancy to determine if a change to your normal oral care routine is necessary. If you have issues with plaque, for example, they will probably recommend an antimicrobial mouth rinse and making dietary changes.

Brush & Floss


Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day and floss daily to reduce plaque buildup. Pregnancy hormones increase gum irritation and may result in bleeding and tenderness. If morning sickness is an issue, rinse your mouth with water afterward and wait 20 to 30 minutes before brushing your teeth and gums. Don’t clean your mouth immediately after morning sickness, as you’ll risk scrubbing stomach acid into your enamel, resulting in its degradation, as well as heightened tooth sensitivity.

Enjoy a Healthy, Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will promote dental health. The high water content in fruits and vegetables stimulate saliva production and prevent issues associated with dry mouth. Certain fruits and vegetables such as apples and celery also act as natural teeth cleaners. Nuts, cheese, broccoli, spinach, and other high-calcium foods protect tooth enamel and contribute to remineralization after enamel loss. Eliminate sugary and starchy foods from your diet as much as possible, as they work with mouth bacteria to form decay-causing acids and plaque.

Consult with a dentist at The Libby Group if you experience any dental issues during pregnancy. They take a patient-centric approach to oral care and offer the latest technology to ensure an effective and comfortable visit, whatever your needs. Schedule an appointment today by calling (907) 274-2659. See what patients say about the Anchorage facility on Yelp, Google and like the Facebook page for additional dental health tips.