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Traveling Tooth Tips – On The Road Checklist

Wallet? Check. Underwear? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Oral Hygiene Health Plan? Um.. When planning for a trip, you take extra steps to make sure you have the important items you need. Your health routine shouldn’t be overlooked. It may come second nature to you, but while you’re making the best of your time on your vacation,…
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We Got Halfway Across The Matanuska Glacier, and Then Plans Changed

// by hygienist Taluah Pride // __ Things don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean there’s any lack of adventure.  Our plan for the weekend consisted most importantly to get out of town where there wasn’t smoke from all the wildfires all over Alaska. We decided to head north, to Matanuska glacier. There…
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“Find Your Mountain”… what does that mean? It’s an inspiring mantra. It’s a reference to the view being worth the climb. It challenges us all to be better! It’s something we tell ourselves when things get tough, or when we have become complacent. A self-motivating question that fires us up! It means… Find that thing…
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The Not-So-Obvious Things We Should All Know About Brushing Our Teeth

We have all heard the same (obvious) tips repeated back to us over the years: floss everyday, don’t neglect your tongue, don’t go to bed before brushing your teeth. These will maintain a good healthy mouth, but what if you’re wanting to take your smile up a notch? Here are some not so obvious game…
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The Libby Group Blood Bank of Alaska Blood Drive Donation event picture_matt 1

Blood Drive At The Libby Group!

What a day!! We set a goal of 15 donors, and by the end of the event, we had over 20 people donate life-saving blood!!! Alaskans have an innate desire to rise to the occasion of providing guidance and support, especially in times of need within our communities. Hosting the Blood Bank of Alaska at…
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The Libby Group Xtratuf Big Rays Anchorage Fairbanks Alaska

Xtratuf Giveaway

We are hikers, campers, fishermen and fisherwomen, dog-walkers, puddle-stompers, beach rompers, travelers, cabin-goers, wood-splitters, urban errand runners, fatbike riders, and Alaskan adventure lovers just like you! We want to give away something cool, something that we would all want to win! What better than not one, but TWO pairs of Xtratuf boots from our good…
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Mt Marathon Champion and record holder David Norris running in the Chugach mountains in the fog above Anchorage Alaska

How I Get Ready For Mountain Running Season – by David Norris

by David Norris Believe it or not, spring is my favorite time of year to train. Despite coming off a long and fatiguing ski racing season, I am always excited to get back to springtime in Alaska. The weather is generally pretty amazing at this time of year- lots of bluebird days that make for…
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The Libby Group Springtime Anchorage Alaska Turnagain Girdwood 2

Spring Is Here (We Think)!!

It is always such a joyous time of year here in Alaska, when the icy, dark grips of winter finally release their clutches for good. We are all probably a little relieved to see the sun come out with true warmth after the back and forth tease we had with a second and maybe even…
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The Libby Group Website Homepage Anchorage Alaska 2

Welcome To Our New Website!

“Wow. I have never, ever seen a dental office that is like this.” We hear things like this almost daily, and it brings a big smile to our face every single time. That’s what we want; to inspire people to live their best lives, to be active in caring for their health, and to get…
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Growing Together – Team Libby and MOKSHA

You may think that we here at The Libby Group are a bit unconventional for a dental practice, and we are. We have a culture that is centered around health and growth, not just for our patients but also for every single person on our team. We are an amazing group of individuals who believe…
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