The Not-So-Obvious Things We Should All Know About Brushing Our Teeth

The Not-So-Obvious Things We Should All Know About Brushing Our Teeth

We have all heard the same (obvious) tips repeated back to us over the years: floss everyday, don’t neglect your tongue, don’t go to bed before brushing your teeth. These will maintain a good healthy mouth, but what if you’re wanting to take your smile up a notch? Here are some not so obvious game changing habits that will take your dental routine to the next level.

1. Wait to brush after drinking or eating acidic foods

Drinking orange juice or coffee in the morning is in your routine, then wait about 30 minutes before giving your teeth a brushing. Acidic and low ph level foods and drinks break down the enamel strength and when coming in contact with a harsh bristle may create erosion on the tooth. Erosion of the enamel breaks down the protective layer that helps prevent gingivitis or other health concerns regarding your teeth. 

2. Soft bristled toothbrush

Switch to a soft bristled toothbrush – firm bristled toothbrushes tend to wear down on your gums faster and make them recede. This exposes your teeth to many disease bearing bacteria and be painful. 

The Libby Group toothbrush alaska wildflowers cleaning whitening teeth
A toothbrush as soft as the Alaskan summer wildflowers

3. Start by brushing in the back

When beginning brushing your teeth, start in the back first. This helps you focus on the hard to reach areas that often get overlooked and ensures you hit every nook and cranny in your mouth. You may be surprised on how easy and altering this one can be. You will feel a more thorough cleaning by day one. 

4. Add mouthwash and Gum to your routine

Studies have shown that adding mouthwash and gum to your routine helps keep your mouth bacteria free. Chewing gum creates more saliva in your mouth that helps keep the bacteria clinging to your teeth.

5. See your Dentist at least twice a year

Can’t stress this enough. Visiting your dentist every six months allows them to thoroughly clean your teeth, examine your gums and teeth professionally and give you an expert analysis of the health condition of your mouth.

Adding these 5 simple habits will spruce up your smile without throwing off your entire dental hygiene routine. Fulfill #5 and get a professional dental exam by one of our experts here at the Libby Group – schedule an appointment today!