We sat down with Dr. Justin Libby to learn more about exactly what it means to be a modern dentist.


Simply put, modern dentistry is a mindset. Dentistry is no longer is just telling people to brush and floss more. A Modern Dentist has a modern TEAM. We recognize that consistent training in modern techniques attracts and keeps great people beside you, as part of this team. The modern dentist relies on the input and experience of the team to perform and execute at a very high level; creating an environment where the patient doesn’t just have a good experience, but and experience that goes so far beyond what is normal in the dentistry world.


A modern dentist is an oral/facial specialist that utilizes the latest technology to build beautiful, healthy smiles and change people’s lives.


Really… modern dentistry is an evolution. It’s an Experience.

How does that compare to the traditional world of dentistry?

What form of health care is traditional these days? Dentistry, like most professions, is changing so rapidly that being “traditional” often is synonymous with being behind the times. Customers are more educated and more prepared than ever before to ask great questions and demand even better responses. If you are not a Modern Dentist, you really are not able to offer your patients the best solutions and experience possible.

How do you know if your dentist is a Modern Dentist?

One of the easiest was to know, is by looking at what kind of technology they have at their disposal. Are they committed to using the absolute best? Film X-rays, goopy impressions, needles, and clunky devices… are all a thing of the past! There are some incredible tools available to us now, and here at The Libby Group, we are able to use them to make the patient experience so much better! These include:


Cone Beam 3-Dimensional Imaging – We can now see the entire skull in 3 dimensions. 


Trios Digital Impression Scanning – No more disgusting, messy impressions.


Tek Scan – This is used to balance and equilibrate the bite forces for patients with headaches, TMJ issues and grinding habits.


Digital Anesthetic delivery system – No more “shots” as we all remember them


Laser Technology – To reduce the number of bacteria present in the gums


Bacterial load testing – To understand how much and what kind of bacteria is present in periodontal disease.


Digital Smile Designs – The ability to digitally design smiles, right there with the patient, so that patient can be a part of the engineering process, becoming the author of their new smile. 

How does each of these technologies change and improve the patient experience?

Really, there are three distinct ways in which we utilize technology as modern dentists to improve the patient experience.


First, we utilize technology to educate our patients, allowing them to visually see and experience things that they have never seen before. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Second, we utilize technology as a communication tool to discuss and plan treatment across several different specialists. True collaboration and communication between specialty groups is critical for great patient care. For example: Writing instructions on a yellow legal pad, compared to digitized notes that can be accessed by all providers, day or night. 


Lastly, we utilize technology to perform better, safer and more comfortable dental procedures. Being able to see, plan and predict is key to doing great modern dentistry.

Anything else?

We are Alaskans, and we want to see Alaskans receive the very best in care… and not just receive it, but to love it, and love the people that provide it! We end up becoming good friends with our patients, because we find that we have so much in common and we care about the same things.