Pursuing Dental Excellence: Dr. Libby on Earning the Prestigious Kois Certificate

Pursuing Dental Excellence: Dr. Libby on Earning the Prestigious Kois Certificate

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Justin Libby recently discussed earning a coveted post-graduate certificate from the Kois Center, a leading dental education institute. This certificate represents the culmination of years of advanced training to hone his skills as a clinician.

“Becoming acquainted with the Kois Center and Dr. John Kois has changed my life,” said Dr. Libby. “His mentorship, courses, and vision to ‘advance dentistry through science’ has had a profound impact on how I approach the profession of dentistry and how I recommend and treat my patients.”

The intensive curriculum covers the latest dental research and techniques. “There is a lot of science out there. As Dr. Kois says ‘most of it is junk,'” explained Dr. Libby. “His courses combine understanding and studying the current science to best recommend different treatments for our patients.”

According to Dr. Libby, the certificate required a major time and resource investment. “Completing the entire curriculum took me 5 years to complete. Each course carries so much content that it takes 6 months to go home and practice what you’ve learned before it becomes truly 2nd nature.”

Only a select number of dentists have earned this distinction. “I know a few others. Some have taken 1 or 2 of the courses and stopped,” noted Dr. Libby. “To complete the curriculum, I did invest a lot of time and resources.”

For Dr. Libby, the knowledge gained directly translates to better patient care. “Great continuing education offers our patients relevant science, current outcome measures and long term predictability,” he said.

“I’m learning the value of ‘slowing down to speed up.’ Dr. Kois teaches the art of evaluating patients based on risk assessment,” explained Dr. Libby. “Being able to call something ‘high risk’ vs ‘low risk’ and then communicating this to the patient so they can choose how they want to proceed when they are ready.”

Dr. Libby says this approach centers on educating and empowering patients. “I’ve learned the process of co-diagnosing with my patients so they become informed and educated while getting exactly what they want,” he said. “It’s such an empowering way to practice dentistry. Being a part of people’s lives becoming better!”

The Kois certificate allows Dr. Libby to provide cutting-edge care rooted in scientific evidence. As he pursues ongoing education, patients at The Libby Group can expect the highest quality treatment options and outcomes.