Dr. Justin Libby

Alaska's Dental Health Specialists


Dr. Justin Libby is about as Alaskan as they come. Born in Dillingham, he grew up in Anchorage and cut his teeth on the same Last Frontier experiences that make this state the place we all love. Skiing, fishing, biking, hiking, surfing, running and basketball were just some of the many active things he learned to do with his family. Dr. Libby spent summers commercial fishing in Dillingham with his dad, mom, brother, and family friends, picking salmon and manning the set-nets on a good day and cleaning the boats and making repairs on the others. Now, he continues to return there every summer to fish, bringing his wife and new son with him to continue the family fishing tradition.

As soon as you meet him, you feel the passion that Dr. Libby has for people and for making them smile. He brings and excitement to every room, and continually pushes himself and the staff at The Libby Group to not only be excellent in what they do, but to do it for the right reasons. He is the kind of guy who will sit with patients, listening to their life stories and laughing about experiences, before beginning a cutting-edge dental procedure. He is inspired to give back to his community, passionate about supporting local businesses and making Anchorage and Alaska a better place.