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Pursuing Dental Excellence: Dr. Libby on Earning the Prestigious Kois Certificate

“Completing the entire curriculum took me 5 years to complete. Each course carries so much content that it takes 6 months to go home and practice what you’ve learned before it becomes truly 2nd nature.”

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Plastic Around The World – A Sustainability Question

  by Holly Dougherty The wind at my back, I am driving on a motorbike in Indonesia, with my eyes greedily taking in all the stunning sights. Azure waters, idyllic sugary beaches, and lush greenery paints picturesque landscapes. However, as I fly along, breathing the balmy air, I also note a sad reality – heaps…
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Brook Conquers Hygiene School

Brook has been a dental hygiene assistant at The Libby Group for years. She decided to push herself to grow and was accepted as part of UAA’s first ever Dental Hygiene program. She talks about what it’s like going back to school, and having both real world experience and education working together.

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Traveling Tooth Tips

On The Road Checklist for Dental Health Wallet? Check. Underwear? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Oral Hygiene Health Plan? Um.. When planning for a trip, you take extra steps to make sure you have the important items you need. Your health routine shouldn’t be overlooked. It may come second nature to you, but while you’re making the…
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Mt Marathon Champion and record holder David Norris running in the Chugach mountains in the fog above Anchorage Alaska

How I Get Ready For Mountain Running Season – by David Norris

by David Norris Believe it or not, spring is my favorite time of year to train. Despite coming off a long and fatiguing ski racing season, I am always excited to get back to springtime in Alaska. The weather is generally pretty amazing at this time of year- lots of bluebird days that make for…
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Join Your Anchorage Dentist to Brighten Your Smile & Help a Child!

Join the Anchorage dentists of The Libby Group Friday, April 14th at 5 p.m. for a very special event. Come for an evening of food and drinks, teeth whitening, and a silent auction to benefit the organizations Smiles for Life and Healthy Futures of Alaska. The Libby Group specializes in teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, veneers and dental crowns to perfect…
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The Libby Group Custom Dental Crowns Anchorage Alaska

The Libby Group Wants You to Know Why Dental Crowns Are Essential

If your tooth is cracked or has a particularly large cavity and a filling will not suffice, you may be in need of a dental crown.  Our dentists, Dr. Libby or Dr. Howell at The Libby Group will want to take the time to educate you and evaluate which option is best for you, based on your…
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3 Reasons The Dentist Takes Your Blood Pressure

If you’re wondering why your blood pressure was taken at your last appointment, turn to the Anchorage dentist office The Libby Group for answers. Led by Dr. Justin Libby, the team at The Libby Group is warm and friendly, and they are strong advocates of patient education. 3 Reasons This Anchorage Dentist Monitors Your Blood Pressure 1. Appointment Frequency Most…
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Veneers vs. Crowns…Whats the Difference?

Everyone deserves to feel proud of their smile, but most people don’t realize the options they have for improving their pearly whites. Veneers and crowns are two viable ways to enhance your smile, and The Libby Group in Anchorage offers both. Both veneers and crowns are made from porcelain and provide natural-looking results. If you make an…
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Anchorage Dentists Kick Off Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so the Anchorage dentists at The Libby Group of Alaska want to make sure you understand this disease. Cases of oral cancer can go undiagnosed for years because people don’t recognize the warning signs. At-home screenings and regular visits to your dentist are the best ways to detect cancer early, but as with any other…
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