3 Reasons The Dentist Takes Your Blood Pressure

3 Reasons The Dentist Takes Your Blood Pressure

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If you’re wondering why your blood pressure was taken at your last appointment, turn to the Anchorage dentist office The Libby Group for answers. Led by Dr. Justin Libby, the team at The Libby Group is warm and friendly, and they are strong advocates of patient education.

3 Reasons This Anchorage Dentist Monitors Your Blood Pressure

1. Appointment Frequency

Most people visit their dentist more frequently than they visit their primary care provider. In fact, some adults only visit a doctor in the event of a medical emergency. Your dentist knows that you probably schedule teeth cleanings more often than you do physicals, so they monitor your overall health at every appointment. That includes taking your blood pressure and tracking it over time.

2. Procedure Requirements

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If you need to undergo a dental procedure that requires anesthesia, your dentist will monitor your blood pressure before, during, and after the procedure to ensure you don’t have a negative reaction to the anesthesia. Everyone responds differently to anesthesia, and you can never be too careful when subjecting yourself to surgery.

3. Information Gathering

If you have hypertension and currently take medication for it, it’s important to notify your dentist. Some medications can reduce saliva flow, which results in chronic dry mouth and causes serious oral health issues. Your mouth needs saliva to wash away bacteria, and without it, you are more likely to develop cavities and gingivitis. If your medication is causing dry mouth but you forget to tell your dentist that you are on it, a blood pressure reading could jog your memory and provide your dentist with valuable information for diagnostic purposes.