Top Anchorage Dentist Discusses Using a Local Lab Vs. a National Lab for Dental Work

Top Anchorage Dentist Discusses Using a Local Lab Vs. a National Lab for Dental Work

Dental laboratories are responsible for manufacturing crowns, bridges, dentures, and other prosthetic devices. An Anchorage dentist helps us understand a laboratory’s role better by explaining the difference between a local lab and a national lab.

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Here are some of the differences between a local lab and a national lab:

  • Craftsmanship: Local labs value quality over volume. The personal touch of a well-trained technician is always there to ensure the service you receive is perfect in every way. National labs accommodate a heavier volume of products, so it’s more likely that quality would be sacrificed.
  • Communication: Local dental lab owners tend to build better relationships with their partners. Constant communication is maintained so that dentists can check the products’ quality and fit. National labs, on the other hand, mostly communicate through prescription pads or phone.
  • Adjustments: If your dentist works with a local lab, most problems with the product can be resolved relatively quickly. If the lab is nearby, the dentist can even discuss certain aspects of the treatment face-to-face. For jobs done in a national lab, the product will have to be shipped to make the adjustments.
  • Equipment: National laboratories use sophisticated equipment to increase production and keep costs competitive. However, maintaining quality may be a challenge. Most local labs, meanwhile, rely on traditional methods, although a lot are starting to apply new technologies in their production so as to deliver affordable, consistent, high-quality products.
  • Turnaround: Another advantage of choosing a local lab over a national lab is the fast turnaround time. Since a local laboratory has a lighter order volume, they can ensure that your crowns, bridges, and other treatments are delivered on time. This is particularly useful during emergencies.

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