Veneers vs. Crowns…Whats the Difference?

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Veneers vs. Crowns…Whats the Difference?

Everyone deserves to feel proud of their smile, but most people don’t realize the options they have for improving their pearly whites. Veneers and crowns are two viable ways to enhance your smile, and The Libby Group in Anchorage offers both.

Both veneers and crowns are made from porcelain and provide natural-looking results. If you make an appointment at The Libby Group, Dr. Libby or Dr. Howell will help you choose the best technique for your particular situation.

Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain laminate veneers consist of thin layers of ceramic that replace the enamel on teeth. A cosmetic dentist adheres veneers to the outer surface of teeth after removing approximately 1mm of enamel from them. People with imperfections like discoloration, staining, fractures, and cracks often opt for veneers. With proper care and maintenance, porcelain veneers will last for 10 to 20 years. 



While veneers simply attach to the front of your existing teeth, a crown actually replaces the entire external structure of the tooth. Dentists often recommend crowns for patients who have teeth that are broken or decayed. Putting in crowns requires a significant amount of preparation because much of the existing tooth must be reduced. Crowns are an effective way to strengthen weakened teeth, restore teeth that have been severely worn down, or hold a dental bridge in place. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, porcelain, and resin. With proper care, crowns usually last for between five and 20 years, but in some cases, they can last a lifetime.

There are 8 crowns in the photo above. We aim to have the most natural looking work so your friends only know if you choose to tell them! 

If you want to get more out of your smile and want to know what your options are, The Libby Group in Anchorage, AK is here to help. In addition to outfitting patients with veneers and crowns, we also offer teeth whitening, periodontal plastic surgery, and other cosmetic dental procedures.