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the libby group Logan Hanneman ocean alaska

Two Traits We Are All Being Tested On

As I am sitting here on the airplane watching the sunrise over the ocean somewhere between England, Norway, and the mainland of Europe, I am reflecting on the unusual time we find ourselves in. It sure seems strange to be traveling to race on the World Cup circuit during an uptick in the Covid-19 outbreak.…
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The Libby Group Blood Bank of Alaska Blood Drive Donation event picture_matt 1

Blood Drive At The Libby Group!

What a day!! We set a goal of 15 donors, and by the end of the event, we had over 20 people donate life-saving blood!!! Alaskans have an innate desire to rise to the occasion of providing guidance and support, especially in times of need within our communities. Hosting the Blood Bank of Alaska at…
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Dr Kyle Howell The Libby Group Hiking Chugach

Flossing Before Brushing Your Teeth, or After?

Which makes more sense? Health care routines are usually pretty stringent on the order you do each step; putting aftershave on AFTER you shave, washing your face BEFORE adding a daily moisturizer. But dental care routines aren’t as straight forward, it is not that simple when it comes to the order you do them. This…
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The Libby Group Xtratuf Big Rays Anchorage Fairbanks Alaska

Xtratuf Giveaway

We are hikers, campers, fishermen and fisherwomen, dog-walkers, puddle-stompers, beach rompers, travelers, cabin-goers, wood-splitters, urban errand runners, fatbike riders, and Alaskan adventure lovers just like you! We want to give away something cool, something that we would all want to win! What better than not one, but TWO pairs of Xtratuf boots from our good…
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The Libby Group Dental Office Staff Anchorage Museum 2

Anchorage Dentists Share 5 Signs You Should See Them Immediately

A number of factors contribute to your oral health, so it’s important to keep all parts of your mouth healthy. When left untreated, minor issues can quickly become emergencies, which is why the staff at The Libby Group wants to share several common signs that you should visit their office immediately. These Anchorage dentists are committed to ensuring their patients’…
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