Anchorage Dentists Share 5 Signs You Should See Them Immediately

Anchorage Dentists Share 5 Signs You Should See Them Immediately

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A number of factors contribute to your oral health, so it’s important to keep all parts of your mouth healthy. When left untreated, minor issues can quickly become emergencies, which is why the staff at The Libby Group wants to share several common signs that you should visit their office immediately. These Anchorage dentists are committed to ensuring their patients’ health and helping them make informed decisions about their care.

5 Signs You Should See an Anchorage Dentist

1. Bleeding or Inflamed Gums

A variety of issues can harm the gums, and each should be taken seriously. Bleeding is sometimes related to an underlying health issue, such as gum disease. This condition can have serious consequences, including  tooth loss. Fortunately, the early signs of gum disease are treatable.

2. Toothaches

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Toothaches have many causes, ranging from injuries due to facial trauma or repetitive grinding to health problems like an abscess or gum disease. No matter the cause, this condition can be disruptive and may require care from your Anchorage dentist. They will identify the underlying cause of the toothache and provide an effective treatment.

3. Unexplained Sensitivity

Many people experience sensitivity when they eat foods that are hot or cold, but if it is out of the ordinary for you, it can mean your teeth are at risk. In some cases, sudden sensitivity is due to enamel erosion, which can be the result of an acidic diet or overzealous brushing. As this protective layer deteriorates, teeth become more susceptible to decay. Sensitivity is usually the first sign of a problem.

4. Chips & Breaks

Any form of trauma that results in a chipped or broken tooth requires immediate treatment by a dentist. The sensitive inner chambers of the tooth may be exposed and at risk for infection. In severe cases, you may even lose the tooth. Most chips and breaks are easy to treat, especially if you see a dentist right away.

5. Jaw Pain

The jaw is an essential component of the mouth, and your dentist will examine the area as part of a routine checkup. If you experience pain, make an appointment with your oral health provider as soon as possible. Mild pain is usually associated with strain from overexertion, but persistent discomfort could also be an early warning sign of TMJ. Immediate treatment will provide much-needed relief, so you and the dentist can develop a long-term management plan.

If you’re looking for an Anchorage dentist, turn to the staff at The Libby Group. They offer comprehensive dental care services to help patients maintain a healthy smile.