Blood Drive At The Libby Group!

Blood Drive At The Libby Group!

The Libby Group Blood Bank of Alaska Blood Drive Donation event picture_matt 1

What a day!! We set a goal of 15 donors, and by the end of the event, we had over 20 people donate life-saving blood!!!

Alaskans have an innate desire to rise to the occasion of providing guidance and support, especially in times of need within our communities. Hosting the Blood Bank of Alaska at our office for the first time was a joint effort between two entities whose foundation is to encourage individuals to be a catalyst of their own health! On Friday June 7th, 2019 we were able to play a small but essential role in supporting the systems we need in place for the state of Alaska to care for our own.

Asking to donate not only your time, on a Friday afternoon, but your blood was a lot to ask of our community. We were met with a little hesitation, nervousness but most of all eagerness to be a part of this opportunity! Much like the general public’s reaction to going to the dentist, The Libby Group understands it takes time to encourage people to realize the full extent of their health while empowering them to further educate themselves and the people they care for.

There were several volunteers that had never donated before and we couldn’t be more fortunate to be a part of their first experience with a successful outcome! We look forward to serving our fellow Alaskans through continued communal outreach.