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This Mountain I’ve Conquered

THIS MOUNTAIN I’VE CONQUERED BY SADIE MAUBET BJORNSEN photo – Nordic Focus I grew up in a small town: Mazama, Washington, right at the base of Washington Pass, and the North Cascade Mountains. My high school was called Liberty Bell High School, named after a granite peak, towering eight thousand feet into the air at…
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We Got Halfway Across The Matanuska Glacier, and Then Plans Changed

// by hygienist Taluah Pride // __ Things don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean there’s any lack of adventure.  Our plan for the weekend consisted most importantly to get out of town where there wasn’t smoke from all the wildfires all over Alaska. We decided to head north, to Matanuska glacier. There…
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“Find Your Mountain”… what does that mean? It’s an inspiring mantra. It’s a reference to the view being worth the climb. It challenges us all to be better! It’s something we tell ourselves when things get tough, or when we have become complacent. A self-motivating question that fires us up! It means… Find that thing…
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