Alaska's Dental Health Specialists


“Find Your Mountain”… what does that mean?

It’s an inspiring mantra.

It’s a reference to the view being worth the climb. It challenges us all to be better! It’s something we tell ourselves when things get tough, or when we have become complacent. A self-motivating question that fires us up!

It means…

Find that thing that you want to conquer. And conquer it.

We each have our own mountain. Maybe multiple…

What’s that obstacle that stands in your way? What intimidates you?

What do you want to DO!!??

What will it take to conquer it? How hard will you have to push? How deep with you have to dig?

We love Alaska, and we love that feeling of standing on top of a peak, looking down at where we started. The blood, sweat, and tears it took to get from there to here. That’s the sensation we want to share, to pass around. We want to INSPIRE our Alaskan and Anchorage communities to FIND THEIR MOUNTAIN, find that thing that motivates them to improve, to be better, to grow!  

To help spread the inspiration, and help motivate ourselves and those around us, we partnered with Hulin Designs to make a cool custom run of locally-screened hooded shirts. They’re soft, hip, and so comfy! We’ve been wearing them fishing, biking, yoga-ing, hiking. Done right here in Anchorage, they are everyone’s new favorite piece. Ask for one next time you’re in our office!