Spring Is Here (We Think)!!

Spring Is Here (We Think)!!

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It is always such a joyous time of year here in Alaska, when the icy, dark grips of winter finally release their clutches for good. We are all probably a little relieved to see the sun come out with true warmth after the back and forth tease we had with a second and maybe even a third bout of winter weather lately!!

April showers? Lately, it’s been more like April powder.

Spring brings with it the excitement of what’s to come this summer: road trips, soccer games, camping, fishing, running races, beach campfires, and so much more!! The things we are all dreaming about all winter!

One of our favorite things is that late night Alaskan sun. Where else but here can you go fishing in the ocean all afternoon and then hike in the mountains until midnight!? Maybe playing golf, or riding bikes along the coastal trail as that golden glow illuminates over Sleeping Lady. 

Maybe for you, summer means friends and relatives coming to visit. For most of us, this is both exciting and maybe even a little bit stressful, because of all of the added time to man’s it brings with it. However, it’s hard to beat the feeling of showing off such an awesome place to live and seeing people fall in love with it too!

With all of this added excitement and activity in the summer months, which turned immediately to the start of school and fall time not far from now, we highly recommend that people take care of their semi annual dental check up now, before the summer calendar is totally booked up. As awesome as a visit to The Libby Group is, we still can’t blame you for still preferring to be out on the river, the lake in the mountains, or just grilling in the backyard instead.

We want you to be out there, doing all of the awesome things that make Alaska and Anchorage suit awesome place. Give us a ring and schedule your dental check up soon so that you don’t have to do it right in the middle of what many of us consider the best time of year.

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