Anchorage Dentist Helps You Eliminate Sugary Drinks & Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Anchorage Dentist Helps You Eliminate Sugary Drinks & Protect Your Child’s Teeth

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There are a lot of variables that can affect oral health. If your children brush and floss regularly but still develop cavities, you may want to consider altering their diet. Below, an Anchorage dentist from The Libby Group in Alaska shares a few simple changes you can make at home to ensure the health of your family’s teeth, tongue, and gums.

1. Limit Soda & Juice

Most parents already know the dangers of soda, but many people are surprised to learn that fruit juice can have just as much sugar and acid. When your fridge is stocked with soda or juice, kids are going to drink it. Even supposedly healthy options like orange juice contain nine teaspoons of sugar in a single 12-ounce serving. The high acidity can erode tooth enamel and encourage cavity formation. If your children keep developing soft spots on their teeth despite having good oral hygiene habits, stock the fridge with water and calcium-rich milk instead.

2. Buy More Fresh Produce

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Juice manufacturers market their products as being full of vitamins and minerals, and although that might be true, the sugar content often outweighs the nutritional value. Instead of drinking sugar-laden fruit juice, your children can get plenty of nutrients by eating fresh produce. Your Anchorage dentist recommends snacking on crunchy, high-fiber fruits and vegetables for optimum oral health.

3. Lead by Example

If you have a can of soda with dinner every night, your children might want to do the same. When it comes to teaching healthy oral hygiene habits, parents should always strive to lead by example. This helps children witness firsthand how they should be taking care of their teeth.  

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, your children should visit an Anchorage dentist every six months for a professional cleaning. If they are overdue for an appointment, turn to The Libby Group.