Kids Dental Care: 3 Summer Tips From an Anchorage Dentist

Kids Dental Care: 3 Summer Tips From an Anchorage Dentist

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Summer is the perfect time for cold treats and outdoor activities, but it can also be a season when dental problems arise. To protect your child’s teeth this summer, The Libby Group recommends taking a few simple dental care steps. Below, the Anchorage dentists share three tips to keep kids’ teeth healthy while they have fun in the sun.

Cut Back on Sugar

Ice cream, milkshakes, and cold lemonade are delicious treats on a hot day—but consuming these sugary snacks too frequently can lead to toothaches, cavities, and long-term dental issues like acid erosion. Introducing kids to healthy, high-fiber snacks is the best way to reduce their sugar intake and protect their teeth. Leafy greens, fresh fruit, and nuts all contain nutrients that help strengthen teeth.

Wear Mouthguards

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Between camps and local leagues, summer is filled with sports practices and tournaments. Without proper protection, high-intensity sports like football, baseball, soccer, and hockey can result in serious oral injuries. That’s why leading Anchorage dentists advise the parents of athletic young patients to invest in customized mouthguards.

Keep Up With Dental Hygiene

An injury to your child’s mouth can be particularly troublesome if they already have oral health problems. Don’t put off dental exams until the next school year. Schedule regular appointments with their dental care provider for teeth cleanings and evaluations. The dentist will also guide your child through proper brushing and flossing techniques to keep their teeth healthy between appointments.

When you need an Anchorage dentist who can protect your child’s teeth year-round, you can count on The Libby Group.  To learn more about their general dentistry services, contact us today!