Is Sedation Dentistry the Right Option for You?

Is Sedation Dentistry the Right Option for You?

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Whether going in for cosmetic work or a procedure like wisdom teeth removal, everyone reacts differently when visiting the dentist. Considering the varying levels of anxiety and comfort out there, The Libby Group of Anchorage, continues to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere thanks to an in-house collaboration with anesthesiologist Dr. Kenley Michaud, DDS. While working on complex cases alongside Dr. Libby or Dr. Howell, Dr. Michaud is able to minimize the time a person spends under anesthesia, but what if you’re not sure which anesthesia option is right for you?

Prior to a procedure like dental implants, you might be wondering whether they want to minimize pain with sedation or general anesthesia. The former involves receiving enough anesthetic to remain awake but also feel comfortable and relaxed, while the latter delivers enough anesthetic to make you fall completely asleep.

Both methods are completely safe, but here are a few benefits and other factors to take into consideration when making your decision: 

  • Anxiety Mitigation: Both sedation and general anesthesia serve the purpose of helping anxious patients or those who have extensive needs such as multiple dental implants or other more involved procedures. Sedation dentistry is optimal for those who would rather be comfortable but awake. Patients with extreme phobias, medical conditions, or high levels of discomfort will likely opt for general anesthesia. 
  • Risk Assessment: One of the chief concerns when dealing with anesthesia is contraindication with other drugs and the general wellness of the patient going into the procedure. Dr. Michaud will develop a safe anesthetic plan tailored to your specific needs. If deemed necessary, he may even suggest a personal consultation with you and your primary doctor to establish the ideal optimization of your existing medications. 
  • Constant Monitoring: Some patients choose sedation dentistry because they’re worried about their well-being while asleep, but those who opt for general anesthesia are constantly monitored throughout the process. That includes keeping track of heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and oxygenation during and after the procedure. 

Ultimately, the choice between general anesthesia and sedation dentistry will come down to your personal level of comfort. Whichever option you decide to go with, know that the friendly doctors at The Libby Group will be by your side providing the best care available in Anchorage.