Advantages of Using Local Dental Labs

Advantages of Using Local Dental Labs

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Local vs. International Dental Laboratories 

At The Libby Group, we believe strongly that our patients benefit from using local Alaskan dental lab services. Many people don’t know there is a difference between the quality of different laboratory services.

Here are 3 reasons why The Libby Group chooses local labs:

  1. Quality- The Alaskan labs that we choose to do business with are focused on customer service and delivering the highest quality product. Dentistry is a very meticulous profession and using the highest quality materials, equipment and techniques helps to ensure that our patients are receiving the very best care in the industry. 
  2. Customization. Local laboratories make it simple to have a relationship with the technicians and customize their services to fit the individual patient.  This ultimately makes the results more personalized and accurate. This relationship we take very seriously. Without our labs, we simply couldn’t do the things that we do.
  3.  Convenience. By using local labs there’s typically a faster turnaround time for patient’s work. The close proximity of a local lab makes it easier for the dentist to communicate directly with the lab technicians and receive efficient, effective results. 

At The Libby Group, we value using the highest quality product customized to fit our clients individual needs, and aim to deliver it as efficiently as possible.  We are grateful to have local labs that we can collaborate with and help us accomplish this goal.