A Program To Give Back To Our American Heroes

Smiles for America is a united group of 50 dentists from 50 states banding together to provide smiles for 50 deserving American heroes. They will work hand in hand with the best dental laboratories in the country to create new smiles for these deserving American heroes.

On or around September 11, 2021, smiles will be provided across our great country to each one of these deserving heroes. The 20th Anniversary of 9/11 has been chosen to commemorate the spirit of the many heroes who gave their lives so selflessly. They will never be forgotten for what they did to make a difference. We will refresh the lives of these American heroes with a new smile.

Heroes are all around us in America. They are men and women of all ages, race, professions and walks of life. A hero could be defined as an individual who is of distinguished courage or ability or admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities. They are those who give and do for others in the most admirable of ways without expecting anything in return, and by doing so enrich and elevate the lives of those whom they touch with their acts of service. These heroes are individuals we encounter in our everyday lives whose joy and life purpose comes from seeing great things and blessings come to the lives of others.

It is our turn to give back and provide the gift of a beautiful smile.


Nominate yourself, or someone you know!

One will be chosen to receive a new smile