Robyn was born and raised in Alaska, having only left the state to attend and graduate from Boise State University. Her first love was and still is critters of all shapes and sizes while she had primarily worked in an animal advocacy field throughout her life. She ended up on The Libby Group’s doorstep serendipitously to attend a Smiles for Life event which allowed her to engage with the entire team. These interactions led to and solidified their decision to grow together! “The dynamic we’ve achieved and maintained here is something to cherish”.

On any given night you can find her at an event that involves being loud and/or competitive, eating beignets or partaking in anything cardio. She continues to foster pets and even has a couple pups of her own; she never explores solo! Ultimately, she would like to further her career in public advocacy having found overwhelming fulfillment in working among trust and loyalty she feels everyone deserves to have on their side!