Dental Assistant

Ethel Quezada was born and raised in lIocos Sur, a small town in the Philippines. She graduated from the University of the East College of Dentistry in Metro Manila, Philippines with a DMD degree. She had her own private practice and at the same time, worked as a retainer dentist at Waterous Hospital. When Ethel was working in Saudi Arabia, she notes, “just like many tragic romance novels, girl meets boy, girl follows boy to Alaska, boy meets another girl, and well, l’m still here.” Ethel started working for Dr. Darling as a dental assistant in 1988, and never left. 
Ethel was blessed with three beautiful children— two girls and one boy. Her son is currently attending UAA in pursuit of a computer science and computer systems engineering degree. Both her daughters are nurses; however, one is currently furthering her education in hopes of becoming a medical doctor. Ethel notes, “despite the many obstacles God has displaced my way, I wouldn’t change a thing.” As much as Ethel thrives off being in the office, she enjoys her summers fishing and camping with family and absolutely loves going on vacations with her whole family. Retail therapy is her favorite type of therapy.

Prior to working with the Darling Dental and now The Libby Group team, Ethel notes she did not have any interest in any animals. Fast forward 20+ years and what do you get? Three dogs and a bird.