Dr. Kyle Howell


Like many Alaskan’s, Dr. Kyle Howell lives in this great state because he believes in it so much, he moved here with his family in 2013. He grew up on Florida’s Gulf Coast and helped support his education working as a deck hand on his family’s shrimping boats. His hard working, adventurous spirit led him to fall in love with Alaska when he completed his dental externship on the North Slope during his fourth year of dental school. From this, he gained an understanding and an appreciation for the way of life here in the Last Frontier.

Dr. Howell states, “I feel fortunate to be part of such a great dental practice and to have a caring and supportive team. I am dedicated to providing the best dental care I can and am also committed to attending the best continuing education opportunities. I feel that being a general dentist provides the opportunity to develop relationships in the community and watch my young patients grow. I like being able to provide all aspects of dental care and to develop healthy smiles with my patients.”

Dr. Howell enjoys giving back to both the local and world communities. In Alaska, he is involved with the Donated Dental Services program and the Alaska Mission of Mercy. Internationally, he provided care to the Masai people in Kenya, as well as brought his dental expertise abroad in Costa Rica and Vietnam providing hundreds and hundreds of locals with life altering dental health care. 

Together with his wife (high school sweetheart), daughter, son, and dogs, he enjoys traveling, hiking, fishing, skiing, four-wheeling, hunting and exploring all things Alaskan.