Dental Health Educator/Dental Assistant

Growing up, Matthew Centeno’s father served in the United States Air Force, meaning he and his sister were blessed with bountiful opportunities to live in various states across the U.S. Matt has always had a passion for conversation with others and learning what drives them. Four and a half years ago, he was presented an opportunity to become a dental assistant, and his desires of being able to help others came to fruition. Matt enjoys exploring the great outdoors of Alaska when he’s not at the Libby Group office in Anchorage assisting with patients. Some of Matt’s hobbies include, biking, hiking, snowboarding, snow machining, hunting, fishing, off-roading, and working on his jeep or other projects around the garage.

Matt has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration. His ultimate goal with his academic studies is to attend dental school and acquire his degree for general dentistry, so he can return to the state of Alaska and continue serving this incredible community.