Alaska's Dental Health Specialists

Crazy, but it’s already time for 2019 Best of Alaska! We would really appreciate your vote, as we go up against other bigger dental offices. Last year, we noticed that every vote really did make a difference in this thing!

It only takes 30 seconds… COULD YOU PLEASE VOTE FOR US RIGHT NOW!? Just think if you do it immediately, you’ll be done and you wont have to worry about it anymore 🙂 

Super Easy Instructions

The ADN Best of Alaska voting link is:

1- In the Categories menu on the left, click Dental Practice.

2- In the Your Vote line, start typing in “The Libby Group” and click on it’s name when it appears from the menu.

3- In the Why Are They The Best area, you write a very brief positive note about why TLG is awesome, and then enter your email below!

4- Click Continue and then finish the form!

Deadline is August 11th. 

Best of Alaska_Dental_voting instructions 1.jpg

Thank you SO much!!